Texas Trucking Show, Two-Camera System Giveaway! Your June Update

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Texas Trucking Show!texas trucking show


Visit the Sky Eye GPS booth at the Texas Trucking Show in Houston! See a demo of our Electronic Driver Log solution! Register to win an interior, two camera system for your vehicle! Details below!

– NRG Center

– JUNE 23-25 2017

– Booth #710

Tracker Tip Video!

Need to replay a drivers route to see exactly where they stopped?

How to Use the History Feature

Details Include:

  • The speed the vehicle was traveling
  • Stop and idling locations
  • Total mileage traveled
  • Location of the vehicle when an alert was triggered

New Enhancements to Our System!

• Workflow Configuration Enhancements
The Configurations that apply to Workflow within the Settings tab of the Client General Setting have been moved into a new Workflow tab. There is now a new configuration to select which markers can be displayed for the Route Map. The Client Admin can now select to show Job Number, Job Name and/or address in the Label and Hover. This new Workflow tab will only display if Workflow is enabled.

• Workflow Distance
The distance that is displayed within the Workflow Route details has been enhanced to show the distance with 2 decimal places.

• Track and Track Grid pages to maintain selected configurations
The Track and Track Grid pages have been enhanced to allow for the map configurations to be saved per user when moving between the Track and Track Grid pages. These features of the map interface will be maintained; Refresh Map Counter, Hide Label, Show POI, Show Geofence, Lock Map and Map Layer selection.

• Track History filter for Duplicate Alerts
There is a new filter for the Track History that will allow any duplicate alerts to display the status icon when selected. This will allow the user viewing the history to see the status icon when there are many duplicate alerts.

• Geofence Editing
The feature for ‘Assign to item in groups’ has been added to the Geofence Editor. This will allow for users to assign all items in a Group to the Geofence after the Geofence is created. There will be a popup displayed to confirm the action if this is used since existing configurations will be removed to use the new configurations.

If you have any questions regarding these enhancements,
please send us an email at [email protected]


June Product Spotlight!


A vehicle camera system can minimize your risk of insurance fraud and could save you money on your insurance premiums. This self-contained video camera mounts on the windshield and records high-definition video and audio to a removable memory card. This camera has multiple options which allow you to constantly record video and/or trigger video recording when a jolt to the vehicle or collision occurs. Optional accessories can be added such as GPS location mapping and an additional camera that can simultaneously record a different camera angle such as the passenger compartment.

Email us at [email protected] for more details!

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