Inefficient routes drive up labor costs, reduces your workforce efficiency and leaves your customers feeling unsatisfied. The SkyEye GPS Dispatching and Trip Planning solution allows dispatchers to create and send routes to drivers electronically. Using an in-vehicle terminal, smartphone or tablet drivers are able to receive their destination and complete stops with turn by turn navigation. As stops are completed, dispatchers are automatically notified and performance statistics can be measured. Provide a better, more efficient service to your customers while cutting operational costs with the SkyEye GPS Dispatching and Trip Planning solution.

Sending messages and having conversations with drivers doesn’t have to involve the driver picking up his mobile phone. With the SkyEye GPS Dispatching Solution, messages can be sent directly from the dispatcher to the in-vehicle terminal with the drivers having the ability to respond as well. With Bluetooth integration, drivers can have phone conversations while keeping their eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel. Improve driver safety and eliminate expensive cell phone violations by using the SkyEye GPS Driver Communication System. Learn More about Driver Safety 

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