It is extremely difficult for companies to manage the assets that travel from location to location. These assets are often misused and even lost. The SkyEye GPS Asset Tracking Solution helps control the use of equipment, tracks the location of assets, monitors actual time on the job and eliminates needless waste. In addition, companies can even get discounts on their insurance rates for having GPS tracking devices on their vehicles and assets.

Reports can be generated based on the data automatically gathered in the field that provide information such as how long employees spend at a jobsite, what equipment is being used at each location, and who is operating each asset. Sensors can be attached to gather and report more data such as engine diagnostics, temperature, doors opening and closing, and even fuel monitoring.



Having a difficult time keeping your equipment maintained?  The SkyEye GPS solution can monitor the use hours of your equipment and maintenance scheduling can send automatic notifications of when service needs to be performed.

The SkyEye GPS solution gives you complete visibility to the location of your asset and gives you a way to easily manage usage and maintenance. Prevent theft while extending the life of equipment that makes your company money with SkyEye GPS.


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