The SkyEye GPS Fleet Management solution is much more than just location tracking.  It gives you the power to reduce the expenses that plague business today such as fuel, maintenance and employee overtime while improving driver safety, staff productivity and customer responsiveness.


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SkyEye GPS can also track and manage your assets.

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Features our clients love:

Driver Identification – Detailed records of who is driving each vehicle and even prevents your vehicles from starting if the driver is not properly identified.
Safe Driver Training and Scoring – Set up audible or seat vibration alerts to let the driver know when he/she is driving erratically. Customizable driver scorecards provide detailed safety reports for all of your drivers. – Learn More
Vehicle Diagnostics – See real time engine diagnostic information for your vehicles from any computer, smart phone or tablet such as odometer, fuel level, engine temperature, battery voltage, RPM’s and diagnostic codes.
Job Scheduling – Schedule your jobs and plan effective routes for your drivers so you can get more done in less time. – Learn More
Electronic Dispatching – Send job and destination information to your drivers and receive real time updates on the progress of each of your drivers. – Learn More
Important Data – Receive real time information from your vehicles and assets such as temperature of a climate controlled area, activation of PTO or on board equipment, etc.

Driver Messaging – Safely send and receive messages to/from your drivers without the distraction of having to use a cell phone. – Learn More
IFTA Miles By State Reporting – Easily generate reports that calculate the amount of miles traveled in each state by each vehicle. – Learn More
Maintenance scheduling – Schedule maintenance intervals for your vehicles and receive reminders of when maintenance is due. Also, store detailed records of completed maintenance including copies of service invoices.
Custom Integration – Use our pre-built web services or let us create a custom integration to send and receive important vehicle/asset information to/from other software platforms that you use to run your business.
Electronic Driver Logs – Drivers can record their hours of service with an electronic terminal in the vehicle and your company gains the ability to produce and store logbooks from your computer or tablet. – Learn More

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Increased Efficiency & Profitability
Government Compliance
Reduced Liability & Risks
Driver Identification
Theft Prevention
Trailer and Asset Tracking
Maximum Security
Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Environmentally Conscious – Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
Protect your vehicles and employees – Heightened Safety
Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
Effective Reporting

Reports can be generated based on the data automatically gathered in the field that provide information such as how long employees spend at a jobsite, what equipment is being used at each jobsite, who is driving each vehicle and driver behavior such as hard stops, fast accelerations and collisions.

Sensors can be attached to these devices to gather more data such as temperature, door open and closed, and even fuel monitoring. Field workers can also be equipped with a small GPS tracking device to ensure safety and productivity for all workers.

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