April Update: Electronic Driver Logs, a Tracker Tip Video and More!

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Electronic Driver Logs – Our solution is on the government’s approved compliant list AND is the easiest to use in the industry!

  • Intuitive user interface makes it very easy for drivers to change their status, perform pre-trip inspections and know their HOS status!
  • Rule sets can be determined automatically by trip type and location of the vehicle!
  • Set-up alerts and get notified before a potential driver violation occurs!
  • Application will not allow the driver to operate the device while the vehicle is moving!
  • Why wait? It is easy to start building an ROI today with our bundled GPS/Driver Log solution!Click here to request a demo

Tracker Tip Video!

Need a fast way to see which vehicle is closest to a location?

Here is a 2-minute video showing how to use the “Routing” feature to find the vehicle, see how far they are to the location, and see the route they should take to get there: How to Locate Closest Vehicles to a Location

Features When Using the Route Feature:

  • You choose how many vehicles you want to see in relation to a specific address, location or landmark.
  • The list of vehicles are displayed, including their distance from the location and estimated time to arrive.
  • Includes a link to get turn by turn directions for each vehicle .
  • Send those directions to the vehicle’s driver via text or email.

What’s New? SpeedGuage!

SkyEye GPS has partnered with SpeedGauge to integrate their speed management solution as an option for companies focused on monitoring vehicle speeding behavior in specific areas. Their “Safety Center” uses their own industry-leading speed limit and road risk databases, which are verified around the clock and improved with data imported directly from fleets and cross-referenced by SpeedGauge. The Safety Center allows fleets to set custom speed limits for any location where they operate, as well as custom road condition parameters in specific zones and locations they deem hazardous or prone to performance issues. Reach out to SkyEye GPS to schedule a demo to see how SpeedGauge can help you help your drivers!

April Product Spotlight:

Driver ID: Know exactly which driver is driving each truck and eliminate manually tracking! We offer driver ID solutions using key fobs or are integrated with your employee ID cards. We can even implement a system which prevents the vehicle from starting if an “unauthorized” driver attempts to drive the vehicle. Contact us today to learn more!

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