Go the extra mile! You’ll gain increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency while lowering risks and bettering regulatory compliance with SkyEye GPS’s tracking and fleet management solution for the transportation industry.

Manage vehicle/fleet, non-vehicle and/or supply chain assets with SkyEye GPS’s precision location-based services (LBS) solution for transportation. Easily increase billable miles and reduce fuel, maintenance and other operating costs. SkyEye GPS’s precision LBS solution for transportation meets regulatory requirements while improving the overall safety and productivity of your mobile transportation assets with consolidated data access – in real-time. Go the extra mile with accurate asset location and status from SkyEye GPS’s precision LBS solution for transportation.

Features include:

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The SkyEye GPS Electronic Logging system provides an easy and affordable way for companies and drivers to maintain their DOT compliancy.

Our GPS Fleet Management solution has the ability to allow drivers to record their duty status electronically using a Garmin Navigation unit that communicates with the SkyEye GPS system. Our system automatically updates logs and provides the driver up to the minute details on his/her remaining daily and weekly hours.

Automatic warnings will inform the driver when he/she is in danger of violations. Daily logs are easily presented from the Garmin screen, tablet, and smartphone or export them for saving and printing. Fleet operators can log in to the SkyEye GPS system from any computer and view, save, and print logs for any driver.

SkyEye GPS offers many different devices to track the location of trailers and their contents. Multiple sensors are available to monitor temperature, doors opening/closing and even fuel levels in tank trailers.

Our devices are equipped with their own battery power so trailers that are not hitched to a tractor can still report important information back to the company. Manage your trailer fleet more effectively and have peace of mind with SkyEye GPS.

The SkyEye GPS IFTA Management System allows drivers to track the amount of fuel that is pumped, the cost of fuel per gallon, where fuel is purchased and miles driven between stops. Easily access fuel logs, jurisdiction summaries and trip reports.

IFTA Reporting is now much easier with the SkyEye GPS IFTA Management System.

Sending messages and having conversations with drivers doesn’t have to involve the driver picking up his mobile phone.

When using SkyEye GPS in conjunction with Garmin navigation units, messages can be sent directly from the dispatcher to the Garmin screen in the vehicle and drivers can send messages back to the dispatcher using the Garmin screen.

With Bluetooth integration, drivers can have phone conversations while keeping their eyes on the road and not having to hold the phone to their ear.

Improve driver safety and eliminate expensive cell phone violations by using the SkyEye GPS Driver Communication System.

Stop the madness of trying to track which employee is driving each vehicle. With the SkyEye GPS Driver Identification System the driver easily identifies himself before starting the vehicle.

Dispatchers and Fleet Managers will always have an accurate historical record of drivers for every vehicle. The Driver Identification system can also be used as a theft deterrent by preventing the vehicle from starting until an authorized driver is identified.

Have more than just peace of mind with the SkyEye GPS Driver Identification System.

Inefficient routes drive up labor costs. It wastes a significant amount of fuel and it shortens your vehicle’s economical useful life.
The SkyEye GPS Dispatching and Trip Planning solution allows dispatchers to create and send routes to drivers electronically.

Using a Garmin navigation unit allows the driver to receive his destination and complete stops one after another with turn by turn directions. As stops are completed, a message is automatically sent back to the dispatcher where performance statistics can be measured.

Provide a better, more efficient service to your customers while cutting operational costs with the SkyEye GPS Dispatching and Trip Planning solution.

Are your drivers following the company’s conduct code behind the wheel? Do you know? More than 30 percent of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is affected by how the driver operates it and more than 1 gallon of fuel is consumed per hour when a vehicle sits idling.

The SkyEye GPS system give you visibility to things like hard stops, fast accelerations, collisions and idling times. Improve the safety of your drivers and decrease fuel consumption with Driver Behavior Monitoring from SkyEye GPS.

Our GPS Solution not only gives you real-time tracking capabilities, it also lets you view a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. This allows you to accurately develop trends, track long-term driver performance, and more.

Your drivers, employees and/or VIPs will rest assured knowing they are safe and secure under your watch. At the press of a panic button, instant alerts on the SkyEye GPS software platform immediately notify you keeping you well-informed.

Our GPS Backend has a robust reporting framework providing access to a wealth of data for streamlined operations and critical information gathering including driver safety, vehicle utilization, fuel consumption, amount of time spent on the job and more.

Spatial fences allow you to confine objects to a prescribed geographic region. Alerts can be sent to the SkyEye GPS platform upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone. An unlimited number of geofences can be assigned in SkyEye GPS management software.

Complete localization features open the door for you to track mobile assets anywhere in the world. Each user can track in his or her own language.

Objective Questions:

  • How are you messaging your drivers now that cell violations have become so large?
  • How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?
  • Has your company ever misplaced a trailer because of paperwork or employee mistakes?
  • How often do your drivers sit idling in your vehicles?
  • How safe are your employees behind the wheel of your company vehicles?
  • Are your company assets being used properly by your employees?
  • How do you effectively manage the maintenance scheduling of your vehicles and assets?
  • Can the economical useful life of your vehicles and assets be improved?
  • Are your employees actually on the job for the amount of hours that are being turned in for payroll?
  • How often do your employees use company vehicles for personal errands?
  • How much fuel is wasted because of inefficient routes or while a driver tries to find a particular location?
  • Are employees using company owned vehicles or equipment to earn money that is not reported to your company?​

Interesting Facts:

  • In June of 2012, Congress adopted the MAP-21 Bill. This bill states that all drivers required to report their hours of service will have to transition to electronic, automatic logging devices.
  • A CDL driver caught using a cell phone while driving faces a violation fine of up to $2,750 per offense. After two or more serious traffic violations, the CDL license could be suspended.
  • Commercial truck and bus companies could face violation fines up to $11,000 when one of their drivers is caught using a cell phone.
  • Trailers and the merchandise they carry in the transportation industry are extremely high target theft items.


Increased Efficiency & Profitability
Government Compliance
Reduced Liability & Risks
Independent Trailer Tracking
Maximum Security
Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Environmentally Conscious/ Promote and advance your GREEN initiatives
Protect your vehicles and employees/ Heightened Safety
Generate tangible Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) results
Reduce operating costs