Law enforcement has varied needs that are well-served by the SkyEye GPS solution. Dispatchers know the location of units at all times which improves officer and public safety while improving response times.

Government agencies have a wide variety of tracking and management needs ranging from VIP tracking to large vehicle tracking. However, tracking is just the beginning of law enforcement needs. The SkyEye GPS solution can assist with additional things such as audio/video surveillance, SOS/panic notification and suspect monitoring.


Government agencies need security, simplicity and efficiency. That is a GPS tracking platform that is easily operated must be deployed. In addition, there must be plenty of room for customization and new innovation.


With the SkyEye GPS tracking platform a government agency will get nothing but the best in GPS tracking solutions. SkyEye GPS software is browser based, so there are no updates to install. In addition, we take great pride in our user-friendly interface and professional grade security measures. Our wide array of integrated devices allow for many different configurations.

Objective Questions:

  • How does your organization monitor the location of its various vehicles and officials?
  • In what way is location-based service involved in dispatching assistance?
  • How do you determine which vehicle(s) to dispatch in an emergency situation?
  • Are you able to quickly locate the closest vehicle to a specific address or location?
  • How safe are your employees behind the wheel of your company vehicles?

SkyEyeGPS Technology

Security, law enforcement, vehicle and people tracking are just a few of the government use cases that can be addressed with the SkyEye GPS platform. Vehicle tracking can be done by a variety of different devices and with a variety of sensors.

Government maintenance vehicles will normally need just a simple GPS tracking device installed within a vehicle to track location, speed, and even altitude for some devices. At any time, the SkyEye GPS solution can find the closest vehicles to a specific address or location for efficient dispatch and sensors can be added to make the vehicle more secure and improve misappropriation detection.

Law enforcement can use a variety of GPS tracking devices for gun control or covert tracking of vehicles. Security can take advantage of personal GPS tracking devices to maintain the constant location of VIPs for their safety and security. A panic button can also be used to send automated alerts to the SkyEye GPS platform. Improve safety and efficiency with the SkyEye GPS Tracking Solution for Law Enforcement.