Securing expensive equipment is key for heavy equipment owners. Now businesses can have peace of mind by securing it with a SkyEye GPS tracking system and maintaining a constant awareness of the equipment’s location and how it is being operated.


Instead of spending extra money to secure heavy and expensive equipment daily, businesses can have peace of mind no matter where their equipment is by securing it with a SkyEye GPS tracking system. By adding a monitoring device to each piece of equipment companies can have constant visibility of where their assets are and how they are being operated at all times.


With the SkyEye GPS tracking platform, users not only have the option to track their equipment’s location but also know its operating conditions. External and internal motion detection, temperature sensors, fuel measurement and even water detection can be added. The many GPS tracking devices integrated with the SkyEye GPS tracking solution provide security and longer life for heavy equipment.

SkyEye GPS Technology

Track heavy equipment and machinery such as excavators, generators, man lifts, storage units and other valuable assets is important to the long term security of a company.

The SkyEye GPS Tracking solution for heavy equipment can be used to address a variety of needs. By using the geofence feature on the SkyEye GPS platform, users can set up a defined field in which an asset cannot leave without an alert being generated. Also, sensors can be attached to many of these devices for increased security and maintenance monitoring.

For example, a generator can be equipped with a GPS device that can also monitor fuel levels and even use a dedicated sensor to detect water in fuel. Both can save both time and money in the field. Other sensors can be used to monitor things like temperature, operation of a lift or use of the bucket on an excavator.

Engine hours can be monitored and maintenance scheduling can send automatic notifications of when service needs to be performed. The SkyEye GPS solution gives you complete visibility to the location of your asset and gives you a way to easily manage usage and maintenance. Prevent theft while extending the life of equipment that makes your company money with SkyEye GPS.

Objective Questions:

  • Does your equipment constantly move from site to site and need to be protected?
  • How do you ensure that only authorized personnel operate your equipment?​
  • How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?
  • How often do your drivers sit idling in your vehicles?
  • How safe are your employees behind the wheel of your company vehicles?
  • Are your company assets being used properly by your employees?
  • How do you effectively manage the maintenance scheduling of your vehicles and assets?
  • Can the economical useful life of your vehicles and assets be improved?
  • Are your employees actually on the job for the amount of hours that are being turned in for payroll?
  • How often do your employees use company vehicles for personal errands?
  • How much fuel is wasted because of inefficient routes or while a driver tries to find a particular location?
  • Are employees using company owned vehicles or equipment to earn money that is not reported to your company?

Interesting Facts:

  • Heavy equipment is often delivered to a jobsite and left for the duration of the job. Often times, these jobsites are unprotected and are high targets for theft.
  • A large percentage of heavy equipment operates with identical keys. These keys can be purchased on websites like ebay making it extremely easy for a potential thief to operate unsecured equipment.