The SkyEye GPS tracking platform allows construction companies to track vehicles and assets during the workday and when in storage through the use of durable GPS devices that will stand up to any job site. Our Construction solution increases efficiencies while reducing fraud and waste.


With the SkyEye GPS tracking platform, construction companies can equip themselves with the tools and resources to increase productivity and efficiency by cutting out waste. They can more efficiently deploy employees and equipment to construction sites while keeping tabs on time wasting employees and track high-risk assets.


The SkyEye GPS tracking platform allows for construction companies to track assets during the workday and when in storage. It also allows employers to monitor employee habits that could be wasteful such as excessive vehicle idling or the traveling of long distances for personal errands. A variety of devices can be deployed to track and manage vehicles, tools, heavy equipment and even workers with customizable properties such as alerts, trigger points, pressure sensors and much more!

Objective Questions:

  • How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?
  • How often do your drivers sit idling in your vehicles?
  • How often do your employees use company vehicles for personal errands?
  • Are employees using company owned vehicles or equipment to earn money that is not reported to your company?
  • How much fuel is wasted because of inefficient routes or while a driver tries to find a particular location?
  • Are you able to quickly locate the closest vehicle to a specific location?
  • What kind of improvements could be made to your company’s overall work flow?
  • In what ways can your company improve efficiency and productivity of your employees?

SkyEyeGPS Technology

Creating solutions for a construction company requires durable GPS devices and a variety of work-tested sensors.

Construction companies that need a wide deployment of vehicle tracking can use one of the many durable vehicle-tracking devices that is offered by SkyEye GPS. With many of these devices, construction companies can also install a variety of sensors to gather data about the various vehicles and other equipment that are in operation on a construction site.

PTO switches can be used to determine when an accessory such as a lift or cement mixer is activated and/or shut down.

Vehicles can also be equipped with fuel sensors to ensure that vehicles always have a healthy level of fuel to avoid construction stoppage. Even a temperature probe can be used to determine if an engine or other piece of equipment is getting to an unhealthy temperature, in order to avoid equipment damage.

In addition to an equipment and vehicle construction solution, there are also solutions for individuals on the construction site. This ensures that all workers are safe, secure and in case of emergency, accounted for. With the SkyEye GPS platform managers and executives can be sure that their construction operation is operating in an efficient, productive and safe way.

Interesting Facts:

  • The average vehicle consumes 1.2 gallons of fuel per hour while idling. At $3.50 per gallon, cutting just 30 minutes of idling per day saves close to $50 per vehicle in fuel consumption per month.
  • 33 percent of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is affected by how the driver operates it. The ability to manage and decrease hard stops and accelerations will drastically improve the safety of your drivers and decreases fuel consumption.
  • Reducing a truck’s average speed from 70 miles per hour to just 65 can translate into a reduction in fuel consumption by 6 percent, while reducing by another 5 miles per hour to 60 will give you an additional reduction of 7.5 percent.