Insurance expenses continue to rise. You can control those expenses and mitigate legal risk with the ability to capture video of events as they occur on the road. SkyEye GPS has vehicle camera solutions for every budget that provides you the ability to record the inside and outside surroundings of the vehicle.

Monitor driver habits and distractions
Improve driver safety
View live, real time video from a computer or tablet
Store and present video evidence to limit legal risk
Improve billing with the ability to record business transactions
Reduce fraudulent activity
Reduce legal and insurance expenses
Monitor driver productivity
Improve rear visibility for your drivers
Dash Camera: – This self-contained video camera mounts on the windshield and records high definition video and audio to a removable memory card. Simply plug the camera into the cigarette lighter port or hardwire the camera to the vehicle and have it power on automatically when the vehicle is started. This camera has multiple options which allow you to constantly record video and/or trigger video recording when a jolt to the vehicle or collision occurs. Optional accessories can be added such as GPS location mapping and an additional camera that can simultaneously record a different camera angle such as the passenger compartment.

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In Vehicle DVR: – Highly sophisticated, ruggedized and flexible video vehicle camera solution with the ability to simultaneously capture audio and video from as many as 8 cameras in one vehicle. This solution has multiple recording options which include constant recording, recording activated by a jolt or collision as well as recording triggered by a separate source such as doors opening or a PTO being engaged. This solution offers multiple accessories such as a rear view camera monitor for the driver, GPS location mapping and real time, live video monitoring through a cellular data connection.

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